Yayla participated to the conference titled Humanism in Education
Çakırcı participated to the 61st Annual Delegates Conference of KNUT
Yalçın came together with the delegation of Global Unions Coalition in Support of Al-Quds and Palestine in Beirut
We signed a cooperation agreement with the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
We signed a cooperation agreement with Czech and Moravian Teachers Union (CMOS PS)
We participated to the congress of the Independent Trade Union of Education of Albania (SPASH)
Educators' Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) goes to the polls
We communicated our report "A glance on Higher Education 2018: Monitoring and Evaluation"
Final declaration of the international symposium on "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions"
We have signed bilateral agreement with education unions from 25 different countries
We did 5 workshops in 4 languages
"Educational Dimension of Globalization" and "Globalization of Education and Trade Unionism" sessions were held in the symposium "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions"
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Heroes of Labour celebrated 1 May in Kahramanmaras
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