President Yalçın participated to the ILO conference
There isn't any goal to be reached by killing human
It is Unacceptable that Representative of Trade Unions will not be included in Councils that will be established within the Higher Education
Sixth Year of Eğitim-Bir-Sen as General Authorized Trade Union
We Participated in the International 'Trade Union and Youth Together- Together to the Future' Workshop in Belarus
Education and Cooperation Agreement signed with Education Unions of Zambia
We joined General Congress of Tunisian Workers Union
Albania Free Unions confederation visited our union
We made meetings with unions of Serbia, Montenego, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day celebrated in Kütahya where the first collective bargaining was made in history
We Paid a Visit for Common Union Works in Indonesia and Singapore
We visited three different education union in Lebanon
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Heroes of Labour celebrated 1 May in Kahramanmaras
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