We signed a cooperation agreement with the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
We signed a cooperation agreement with Czech and Moravian Teachers Union (CMOS PS)
We participated to the congress of the Independent Trade Union of Education of Albania (SPASH)
Educators' Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) goes to the polls
We communicated our report "A glance on Higher Education 2018: Monitoring and Evaluation"
Final declaration of the international symposium on "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions"
We have signed bilateral agreement with education unions from 25 different countries
We did 5 workshops in 4 languages
"Educational Dimension of Globalization" and "Globalization of Education and Trade Unionism" sessions were held in the symposium "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions"
Education is a fundamental right
Selvi participated to the symposium organized by Teachers' Council of Thailand
Visit to Kazakhstan Education Workers Union (KTUESW)
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Heroes of Labour celebrated 1 May in Kahramanmaras
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