The 4th International Trade Unionism Education Certificate Program has been completed
The regional meetings of Eğitim-Bir-Sen ended
We did a bilateral workshop with the Education Ministry Employees Union of Kuwait
We Participated to the International Symposium Titled 'The Strategic Vision of Education in the Arab World'
14th National Meeting of Educators' Trade Union
8th year as representative union
Memur-Sen members gathered in front of the Grand National Assembly
Çakırcı participated to the 'International Exhibition of Education and Training'
We communicated our report 'A glance on Higher Education 2019: Monitoring and Evaluation'
We did a workshop on 'Problems of Education Workers and Solutions'
Our vice president Mithat Sevin participated to the panel organized by USPRS
Educators' Trade Union vice president Ramazan Çakırcı met education trade unionist in Bahrain and Kuwait
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Heroes of Labour celebrated 1 May in Kahramanmaras
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