Thousands of people gathered to support Al-Quds (Jerusalem)
Çakırcı, participated at the meeting of Arabic Education Organization (AEO) as observer
The main problems are Zionism and imperialism
We made a protestation for Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in front of the embassy of the USA
This congress will be a turning point for the education of Bosnia and Herzegovina
We proudly present the jury for the fourth short film contest.
Olçum participated at the congress of Independent Educator Trade Union of Romania
We published the report "Education of Syrian children in Turkey: Difficulties and Sugestions"
We declared to the public our report on "Competence on Education Management and Career System"
For a better future we have to solve our problems all together
We should increase our organization in universities
The Performance evaluation of teachers by students is self-destruction
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Heroes of Labour celebrated 1 May in Kahramanmaras
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