Labor struggle against global capitalist system
| | 01-06-2017


Globalization, in theory, is a concept involving interrelated issues such as the development of economic, social and political relations among countries, the better recognition of beliefs and expectations of different societies and cultures, and the intensification of international relations. The period of globalization, which accelerated with the end of the Cold War, brought with it huge differences in terms of income distribution and status among countries worldwide. One of the evidences to support this view is that countries cannot benefit equally from global wealth. Today, globalization is regarded as a "new imperialism" mentality. According to this view, the understanding of colonialism in the old period is still shaped by time and still maintains its validity. Underdeveloped countries that are out of the economic order are not able to get rid of economic dependency; they are almost attached to the economies of developed countries. In this respect, globalization is a pyramidization that the exploiters are on the hill and the exploited are at the bottom.

The global capitalist system imposed by the global capitalist forces is a system that has emerged as an assertion to remove the developmental differences between the countries of the world and enable a more egalitarian sharing. This system, however, far from lifting the differences between countries and offering an equal share among the countries of the world, contrary to what is claimed, causes the increase of the problems of living for millions of people around the world. It is known that in today's global capitalist system, where the world's population has about 7.5 billion people, there are about 1.5 billion people living with less income per day and less than two dollars a day for 3 billion people, an equitable sharing claim is far from serious. This system brought with it a system of exploitation that made large and international companies stand out, using cheap labor, benefiting from local conditions, destroying the environment.

Creating the ground for a common struggle against the exploitation system created by global capital is the duty of labor organizations as usual. If we are willing to consent humanity at the mercy of the global capital powers, we consent their exploitation also and can never produce anything in the name of human life. For this, we need solidarity and helping each other. In this context, we must act together by protecting our values, respecting the differences, seeing all the efforts on labor, freedom, world peace, peace and prosperity of mankind as precious. If we achieve this, we can change the global exploitation system.

The trade unions and unionists should be the bearer and practitioner of the will to defeat the unfair world order, the imperialist system, and global capitalism. Our ideas, our goals may be different. The references of our values, the resources of our principles may vary. What does it matter? As a result, as human beings, as laborers, we are partners and we come together to make our labor valuable and increase our bread. We should all to concern about ending the exploitation which is shown as reasonable under the guise of competition, the wars that are targeting humanity and people, and cruelties at that time. We will cooperate more for this, we will strengthen our partnership and be stronger. As long as there are people around the world whose labor is being exploited, even with dry bread and clean water, we cannot say that we are doing our duties as the trade unions and unionists.

There is a need for an understanding, which is far from the double standard, to deal with the problems of oppressed and victims without discrimination. We see that international trade unions and labor organizations are not showing awareness to our problems. In many cases, we are witnessing the double standard applied to Islamic countries. Establishing a new structure for permanent solutions is essential. In this context, we decided to establish a new structure under the auspices of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which would consult on the problems of labor and trade union movement and find solutions for these problems, with the Istanbul Declaration, which we published with the common will of some 60 countries participating in the international symposium on “trade unionism in the Islamic world,” that held in Istanbul. This is an important and urgent need. Because, it is a big lack that there is no structure for working life in the OIC, while the United Nations (UN) has the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Arab League has Arab Labor Organization in the Arab League, and the African Union has Social Development, Labor and Employment Committee (STC). Our proposal for “Trade Union Committee of OIC should be established and this committee should be recognized as subsidiary organization" in the Istanbul Declaration was at OIC’s agenda in the 43th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers held in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. OIC welcomed our proposal and took the establishment of “Trade Union Committee" to its agenda. We expect the completion of the preparations for the "Trade Union Committee" to be established within the OIC and the decision of the establishment of committee would be accepted at the meeting of the Ministers of Labor to be held in November 2017.

Whenever the labor movement is mentioned, it is spoken relevant to certain countries and depicts a state of the studies that are concentrated upon those countries. Therefore, this is a situation that must be discussed. We must create global solutions for global issues. To do this, we must be in solidarity, communicate, collaborate, produce mutual projects, in a sense recognize our corporate capacities, and how we can help each other, and this is what we must bring to light. When we do this, we will also capture the basis of producing global solutions. The labor movement has no religion, color, shape, or nationality. The labor movement is a universal movement. In the way that the color of tears is the same throughout the world, so is the color of sweat. This cannot be imprisoned in a religion or ethnicity. No one can undertake such an area on their own. Therefore, it is an area of activity that is valid everywhere. For this, all studies related to the field of labor must also be analyzed and acted upon in a global extent. The color of our skin and the languages we speak may be different, but we are common in our humanity. Our most important common point is our humanity and labor