Thousands of people gathered to support Al-Quds (Jerusalem)

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Turkey biggest NGOs shouted out “Free Quds” from Ankara Anadolu square. Thousands of people gathered and protested the decision of the USA concerning Al-Quds. Thousands of people claimed that Al-Quds is the capital city of Palestine.

More than a hundred NGOs call to people to join the meeting. NGOs like Memur-Sen, Hak-İş, İHH, AGD and Cihannüma attended the meeting. Citizens protested USA’s decision and they declared that they are with Palestinian people.

They won’t achieve their plans

Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen General President Ali YALÇIN said “The USA and Israel do not have anything to say concerning Palestine. And they should know that they will never have any right on Palestine. Israel and the USA try to hide the reality. But we know that Israel is a terrorist state. Al-Quds belongs to Palestine.”


We will never recognize Israel

Yalçın, said that he do not accept the decision of Trump concerning Al-Quds. And he added “We are against the occupying state Israel. We don’t accept the existence of a state named Israel. This terrorist stated should be demolished.”


Cüneydi: Zionist Israel continues to oppress innocent people

Cüneydi’s uncle Reşat Al-Cüneydi, thanked people who support Palestine. He said “Zionists are acting brutally. They kill innocent people, even children mercilessly. As you can see in these pictures they arrested by nephew without any reason.” Reşat Al-Cuneydi concluded his speech with the message of his nephew. His nephew‘s message is “rescue me, thus I can be next to my mother.”



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