We need to internationalize trade unionism struggle

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Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s Vice President Mr. Hasan Yalçın Yayla, participated at the congress of the Democratic Educators Union of Senegal (SUDES).

Yayla made a speech during the plenary session. In his speech Yayla emphasized that in order to solve global problems we need to find global solutions, we must to be united and be in solidarity.


As long as our effort is common our differences will continue to make us stronger

Our skin color, beliefs and languages may be different emphasized Yayla and he added “Our thoughts and culture can be different but everywhere in the world the color of tears are the same. It’s why in order to put an end to inequalities we have to internationalize trade unionism struggle.

SUDES is our partner we will continue to support them in their struggle

Yayla said “I believe that this congress will be a milestone for the education of Senegal and SUDES. As Eğitim-Bir-Sen we attach great importance to strengthen our relationships with our partners in this context we will continue to support our partners in their honorable struggle.”

The Secretary General of SUDES Mr. Amadou Diaoune gave a brief explanation of SUDES’ work plan and thanked all guests for their participation.

We visited Maarif Foundation in Senegal

Hasan Yalçın Yayla visited Maarif Foundation and congratulated them for their works. 





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