We Participated at the Award Ceremony of the Letter Contest Titled 'Story of Friend Hood'

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Eğitim-Bir-Sen in cooperation with Yunus Emre Institute, Maarif Foundation and some local NGOs organized the award ceremony of the letter contest titled “Story of Friend hood.” The contest was organized in order to increase the good relation between Turkey and Albania.

Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s President Ali YALÇIN and vice president Hasan Yalçın YAYLA and Atilla OLÇUM participated to the award ceremony. SPASH president Nevruz KAPTELLI also participated at the award ceremony.

In his speech during the award ceremony Yalçın said “The Balkans has a very important place for us. Especially from the 14th century till the 20th century 35 Albanian grand vizier take charge in the Ottoman Empire. Many statesmen were Albanian. In Çanakkale martyrdom there are hundreds of Albanian martyrs. All these examples show us the good relation between Turkey and Albania.

“It’s also very important to meet here as Turk and Albanian unionists. The relation between Turkey and Albania is already very good.  But in this global world the good relation between states is not enough. We as Union, as NGOs we need to create more opportunities to came together. As you know in these last thirty years unfortunately trade unions lost power in order to regain our power we need to work together because we know that united we stand divided we fall. As Eğitim-Bir-Sen we believe to a world where there is no discrimination. For us to protect the right of workers is equal to protect the right of humanity.”

Yalçın ended his speech by saying “We believe that we can put an end to discrimination and injustices only by joining our forces. By joining our forces we can easily solve problems faced by people all over the world.”


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