Selvi participated to the symposium organized by Teachers' Council of Thailand

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The teachers’ Council of Thailand organized a symposium themed “Professional Learning Community” in Bangkok capital city of Thailand.

Selvi made a presentation on “Access to Education and Innovation.” During his presentation Selvi gave examples from Turkey he said “In Turkey we give a huge importance to innovation in our schools. We improved our schools in terms of technology during the recent years.”

We are all equal

Selvi “Unfortunately today those who hold the reins of power consider themselves superior to others. However we all have to know we are all equal.”

Meeting with labor unions’ representatives

Selvi had a talk with trade union representatives and academician from Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Selvi also came together with the secretary general of Teachers’ Council of Thailand Dr. Somsak Donprasit. Selvi and Somsak Donprasit discussed about relation between Turkey and Thailand.    



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