We have signed bilateral agreement with education unions from 25 different countries

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As Eğitim-Bir-Sen, we have signed educational cooperation agreement with the education unions of 25 countries.

President Ali Yalçın made a short speech at the signing ceremony of the bilateral agreement aimed at developing mutual relations, strengthening friendship ties and ensuring the continuation of the solidarity in the field of education. He underlined that important evaluations and negotiations were made in the symposium "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions." Yalçın stressed that "Our color of skins, our eyes are different but the color of our tears is the same. Although our perspectives are different, our sorrows are the same; our problems are common as laborers. We can overcome global problems only by producing universal solutions. For this we must consolidate our strengths, increase our partnership, share our experiences and be in solidarity. "


Following the speech, the bilateral agreements were signed between Eğitim-Bir-Sen (Educators’ Trade Union of Turkey) and  Benin National Education Union SNEP, Djibouti Secondary School and High School Teachers 'Union SYNESED, Czech Republic Educational Employees' Union CMOS PS, Indonesian Educators 'Union PGRI, Ivory Coast Secondary School Teachers' Union SYLEG, Gambia Teachers 'Union, Ghana Education and Training Employees' Union TEWU , Guinea Federation of Educational Trade Unions FSPE, Iranian Workers' Union, Kazakhstan Education and Science Employees Union KTUESW, Latvian Education and Science Employees Union LIZDA, Mongolian Education and Science Employees Union TUESWM, Namibia Teachers Union TUN, Nigeria Education Union NUT, Uzbekistan Education, Science and Cultural Employees Union NTUESCWU, Pakistan Educational Employees Association TEWU, Russian Education and Science Employees Union ESEUR, Senegal Free Educational Associations SELS-A, Tajikistan Education and Science Union TUES RT, Tanzania Educators 'Union TTU, Libyan Trablus Teachers' Union, Morocco Democratic Education Organization, Morocco Free Education Union, Palestine General Teachers 'Union, Northern Iraq Teachers' Union.


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