Education is a fundamental right

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International symposium on “Globalization, Education, and Trade Unions” started in Istanbul with the participation of the Deputy Minister of National Education Mr. Mustafa Safran and Kahramanmaraş MP Habibe Öçal.

Ali Yalçın in his inaugural speech said “We built our symposium on three important points ‘globalization, education and trade unions’. We want to evaluate, to know and to identify the term globalization as unionist and educator.”

Problems that impose globalization hinder us to return to self

Yalçın emphasized that problems impose by globalization hinder human beings to return to self and he added “On one hand the will of human for being an individual on the other hand the desire of states/system to raise individuals and an education system which try to cover the contradiction between both. Indeed universalism is based on the relations between ‘individual and mass’. In a word the individual is confined in mass. As educators and unionists we have to inquire this matter. According to us education and unionism shouldn’t be only result-oriented. Therefore we have to study and examine the process carefully.”

Safran: Education is the most powerful aspect of Globalization

Deputy Minister of National Education Mustafa Safran emphasized that globalization is the term most discussed these last fifty years. Safran said “Education is the most powerful aspect of globalization. Education is a term used frequently with globalization. Sometimes Education is seen insufficient to overcome changes that bring globalization. And sometimes it is seen as the field where conversion is constant. In all cases expectations towards Education are high.”




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