Final declaration of the international symposium on "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions"

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77 countries, 89 trade unions and 4 international organizations totally 175 representatives and young trade unionists participated to the international symposium on “Globalization, Education and Trade Unions.”

During the two-day symposium we made two discussions on “Educational Dimension of Globalization” and “Globalization of Education and Trade Unionism.” We also did workshops on “Globalization and Education”, “Equal Opportunity in Education and Trade Unions”, “Sustainability and Education”, “New Trends in the Education Sector and Trade Unions”. The workshops were in English, French, Arabic and Russian. The final declaration has been declared at the end of the symposium bellow is the final declaration:





As representatives of the 89 trade unions of teachers and other employees in the education sector from 77 countries who participated at the "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions" International Symposium hosted by Educators' Trade Union (EĞİTİM-BİR-SEN) in Istanbul, Turkey between 30 August - 1 September 2018,

We hereby declare that:

  • We need to acttogether in order to ensure the protection of basic human rights anddignity, efforts, freedom and universal principles. We express to the world once again that we are against any injustices in the national and global area. We are against all oppression and we are with oppressed people to defend their rights and struggle with them.
  • We strongly believe that it is necessary and possible to establish a decent working environment for everyone based on the universal principles and values regarded as the common accumulation of humanity, in which human dignity is absolutely protected and the value of labour is undeniable.Decent work is a paramount tool inthe search for social justice, and all of its aspects must be respected by governments, employers and workers’ representatives.
  • We emphasize that the duty of the states is to provide mechanisms for the resolution of disputes that are fair to all sectors, recognizing the differences and inequalities between each actor in the search for social justice.
  • Having in mind the concept of "universal social justice", we will maintain our goals and struggle for sustainable development and inclusive social security rights and practices and decent work principles.
  • We believe that education is the most powerful weapon against ignorance and various forms of exploitation. It isour responsibility as unions to struggle against: child labour, precarious work and unprotected workers.
  • As education sector employees and trade unions in each continent, region and country have their unique characteristics, we strongly state that common values, trade union actions, and targets should be fostered and maintained.
  • We think that the best way to protect education and trade unions in a globalised world is to educate our children and increase investment in high quality education.

We pledge to:

  • Demand our governments to support and develop high quality education in a globalised world in cooperation with the teacher’s trade unions.
  • Demand our governments to give full access and support to continuous professional development for all teachers.
  • Demand our governments to guarantee equal opportunities for all, regardless of religion, opinion, gender and ethnicity, and respect national identity.
  • Demand our governments to promote education based on development of our pupils’ competencies and skills which will enable them to act in an international democratic environment in order to promote and respect diversity.

?“Globalization, Education And Trade Unions”International Symposuim Final Declaration


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