"Educational Dimension of Globalization" and "Globalization of Education and Trade Unionism" sessions were held in the symposium "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions"

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In the symposium "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions", two sessions were held entitled "The Educational Dimension of Globalization" and "Globalization of Education and Trade Unionism."

With the ideological influence of globalization, the world rapidly becomes standardized

Speaking in the session titled " Globalization of Education and Trade Unions," Latif Selvi, Deputy President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen, stated that the globalization, which was dominated by ideological oversight, forced the natural flow of life unnecessarily, and consequently resulting in tragedy, mental and spiritual trauma and even persecution. "As a phenomenon, globalization gives cultures the opportunity to know each other; as an ideology, globalization aims to spread a certain perception and understanding. Today, with the ideological influence of globalization, the world rapidly becomes standardized. The same concepts, same models, same styles, same fashion, same foods, same ways, same vehicles, same cars, same goods, and same architects. All these sameness bring out the same human-being, dream, and standardization. The ideology of globalization, called globalism, has invented a world that leaves people without choice. " he said.

Houssami: The only need for educated young people to lead by self-reliance is education

Speaking at the session on the Educational Dimension of Globalization, Jamal Houssami, President of the Arab Educational Organization, noted that the new system should be reworked at the point of re-reforming the education system, and that it is necessary to devote effort to a good education system and that "the only need for the new generation.”

Sossion: Together we can contribute to improving the quality of education and changing the situation in the world

KNUT President William Sossion said that education is the key for everything. "We see across the world that the education of children is influenced by the influences of this globalization and different types of education models emerge. Governments, nations and non-governmental organizations can unite to increase the quality of education and contribute to changing the situation in the world. There are no shortcuts to this, all nations have to contribute."

Romer: Teacher Education and Continuous Professional Development

Martin Romer, former European director of ETUCE, noted that one of the most important issue in this forum as the education of teachers in many countries. “OECD once stated: No teaching is better than the quality of the teacher. Sounds evident, but looking at the initial teacher education today it is my view that most of it in most countries is out of date. Most teacher education doesn’t give the coming teachers the necessary tools and knowledge on how to tackle the challenges of today. In many cases, we are still educating teachers like we did 30-40 years ago. And after final education we expect the teacher to last maybe 30-35 years and in many cases without access and support to continuous professional development.”

Amantayeva: If the social status of the teacher is higher, the state will be more successful

Maira Amantayeva, President of the education union of Kazakhstan KTUESW, noted that "We are experiencing the fact that when teachers have higher level of education, that country is more successful. The fruit of our labor depends on the good of education. If the social status of the teacher is higher, the state will be more successful. Education is a very difficult process and depends heavily on the country's economy. We should not hesitate to communicate the teachers' problems to the authorities as unions. The benefits we obtain will increase the satisfaction of the people and the peace of mind. "

Fuentes: Information shall be used effectively for making better policies

Former President of the CLATE Julio Durval Fuentes noted that they are confederations representing employees in the public and in different fields: "We want to see the role of the state as an organism that responds to the necessary needs, rather than limiting it only as an administrative regulator. When we say education strategies today, we have to look at all the trends. History is a resource that will provide us with a non-capitalist view of education. Without them, unfortunately it is impossible for us to come from the top of this world crisis. If education is to be improved, it must be delivered to institutions that advocate workers and workers' rights. Information shall be used effectively for making better policies. "


Mustafa: We have not seen such a bad “global village” in human history

The head of the Arab Teachers' Union, Hisham Nimer Mustafa, said that despite the fact that technology has been removed from many disadvantages, this global village contains many pains within itself also, saying, "Our hope was that this global village contained peace itself too. We have not seen such a bad global village in human history. A very small fraction of the world has the most wealth and prosperity and with the rest of humanity shares hunger and poverty."

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