We communicated our report "A glance on Higher Education 2018: Monitoring and Evaluation"

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Educators’ Trade Union’s General President Mr. Ali YALÇIN made public the report ‘A Glance on Higher Education 2018: Monitoring and Evaluation’ prepared by Educators’ Trade Union. Yalçın emphasized that education is the main vehicle for prosperity.  Yalçın said “Education is one of the most important factors in developments of individuals.”

With this report our main goal is to have a better and high quality education system said Yalçın. Yalçın added “In this report thus to statistical data we have the opportunity to see in which field our education is increasing and in which areas is decreasing. This report pointed out problems in the education system. Now, it is time to find solutions to these problems and to put an end to inequalities. A high quality, effective and productive higher education system is imperative for the future of our nation.”


Yalçın said “As the report shows us the higher education in Turkey needs to be improved. In Turkey there are 200 higher education institutions and 7 million students. When we consider the number of students the higher education system of Turkey is the largest of Europe but when we consider the number of institution Turkey is under the European average according to OECD data.”

The percentage of post graduation of women older than 25 has increased of 50% between 2009 and 2017 and reached the percentage of 16,2%. While the percentage post graduation of men older than 25 is 21,2%. We can clearly see that there is amelioration but still the gap between men and women is high indicated Yalçın.


Yalçın touched upon the problem concerning the employment of bachelors. Yalçın said “When we examine the employment rate of bachelors in OECD countries we can see that Turkey employment rate is under the average of OECD countries. While the rate of employment of post graduates people are equal to the average of OECD countries. The rate of employment of PhDs in Turkey is higher than the average of OECD countries.”

After the speech of Yalçın, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mr. Bekir Gür made a detailed presentation on the report.       




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