Educators' Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) goes to the polls

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Educators’ Trade Union was founded by Mehmet Akif İnan and his friends in 1992 in order to protect the right and to improve the work conditions of education workers. Since its creation Educators’ Trade Union is working for the development of democracy. A must for democracy are the elections. As an organization which tries to developed the democracy Educators’ Trade Union goes to the polls.

In accordance with the decision taken by the board of manager the elections will start the 3rd of September and will continue till February 2019. The election will be done in three steps the first step will be in September 3rd-9th the second step will be in November 3rd- 25th and the last step will be in February 2019. The election will end with the 6th ordinary general assembly.

With its 426.645 members Educators’ Trade Union is the largest trade Union of Turkey. Below is the electoral process:

-September 3rd-9th departmental administrations will declare voter list

-September 9th -20th election of workplace representative will be done

-September 17th -23rd application of candidate for being delegate

-September 24th- 28th voter lists composed of delegates and members will be declared

-September 6th-14th departmental administrations will elect representatives and delegates

-At least 15 days before the general assembly departmental administrations will declare their decision concerning the general assembly and they will share their decision on their website.

-Election of delegates will be done between November 3rd and 25th these delegates will form the assembly of departmental administration and the assembly of supreme board.

-In February 2019 the 6th ordinary congress will be done.

We wish all the best for our union, members and all education workers.



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