We attended the Mid Term Conference of NUTP

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Educators’ Trade Union vice president Mr. Mithat Sevin attended the Mid Term Conference of The Teachers Union of Malaysia NUTP.


Mithat Sevin made a speech at the meeting which took place in Johor Bahru. In his speech Sevin said “We give a huge importance to cooperate with trade unions from all over the world thus we can struggle more effectively against imperialism, global occupation and usurpation.”


Sevin said “We are conscious that we can overcome all injustices faced by education workers by working together. As Educators’ Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) we try to animate this consciousness in different part of the world and we struggle with this consciousness. I want to thank NUTP’s executives who share a common ground with us. A just world will be built with a high quality education and the solidarity of teachers.”


Abdulrazak: Educators’ Trade Union is a versatile union

NUTP General Secretary Mr. Kamarozam Abdulrazak thanked the delegation of Eğitim-Bir-Sen for their participation to the meeting. Kamarozam said “In these last two years we had the opportunity to know Educators’ Trade Union which is the largest trade union of Turkey. We participated to programs in Turkey organized by the Educators’ Trade Union. In those programs we could see that Educators’ Trade Union is a versatile union. The International symposium organized by Educators’ Trade Union shows that they don’t only struggle to overcome problem faced in Turkey but they struggle to solve problems faced by education workers all over the world.”


The president of Johor Bahru Mr. Haci Osman Bin Haci Safien thanked Educators’ Trade Union delegation and he added “It’s a pleasure for us to receive you in Johor Bahru.”



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