We came together with educators in Palestine

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Educators’ Trade Union vice president Şükrü Kolukısa participated to the conference titled “Teachers in a world where values are concentric” organized by the Palestinian Teachers Union. Kolukısa greeted Palestinian teachers on behalf of Turkish teachers.

Kolukısa: Despite all problems we see that Palestinian teachers have the power to built a better future

Kolukısa said “We noticed that the bad economical and social situation in Palestine disrupt the education system of Palestine” and he added “Even the correspondence study for Palestinian children can be ban. All these problems dispatch Palestinian to home schooling. Again the Israeli forces claim that home schooling present a danger for them and they also banned home schooling. Israeli forces do everything to prevent Palestinian to have their own identity. Against these entire oppression and bad situation Palestinian teachers struggle to educate children because they all know that if you want to shape the future you have to educate children. Palestinian teachers are working to build a better world. Today the entire world noticed the determination and effort of Palestinian teachers. The attitude of Palestinian teachers deserves the respect of everyone.”


We will keep supporting the improvement of Palestinian teachers

“None education system can be successful without giving importance to their teachers. Countries which do not give necessary importance to their teachers can’t survive in the future. This fact is valid for everywhere, you can be in Ankara, Damascus, Paris or Jerusalem it will never change.” said Kolukısa and he added “As Educators’ Trade Union we will always support our Palestinian colleagues.”


Saleh: the support of Turkey means a lot for Palestinians

The Palestinian Acting Minister of Education Basri Saleh said “Palestinian people are living in very hard conditions. As you know it’s very hard to educate the new generation under this conditions. Palestinian teachers have a huge responsibility as Palestinian people we are grateful to our teachers. I also have to say that the support of Turkey means a lot for us. We all the time feel the support of Turkish people.”

Abu Kishik: the role of teachers is very important in the development of Turkey

Chancellor of Al-Quds university İmad Abu Kishik said “It’s very important that Educators’ Trade Union and Palestinian Teachers Union came together in Quds University for this conference. I think that Turkish teachers have an important impact on the development of Turkey and as Palestinian teachers there is many knowledge and experiment that we can share with our Turkish colleagues.”


Meeting with the Minister of Education and the Minister of Labor

Şükrü Kolukısa met with the Minister of Education and Higher Education of Palestine Mr. Sabri Saidam. During the meeting Kolukısa and Saidam discussed about problems faced by teachers. After his meeting with Mr. Saidam, Kolukısa met the Minister of Labor of Palestine Mr. Musa Abu Saed. Kolukısa and Saed discussed about the actual situation of Palestine.


Kolukısa paid a visit to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and had a discussion with Wassel Abu Yousef executive committee member of the PLO. After the meeting Kolukısa visited Yasser Arafat Museum.

At the end of the day Kolukısa met with the president of Palestinain Teachers Union Saed Erziqat and branch president of Hebron. During the meeting Kolukısa discussed problems faced by teachers and the difficulties of being teachers in a land under occupation. Kolukısa paid a visit to the Turkish Deputy Consul General Aykut Renda. After that Kolukısa visited the office of Anatolian news agency and Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center.


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