We gathered in Urfa to celebrate May Day

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Turkey's largest labour movement Memur-Sen, celebrated May Day in Urfa. At the rally, organized by Memur-Sen and Hak-İş labor, brotherhood, solidarity and unity message were given to the whole world. Thousands of people gathered in Urfa on May 1st to mark International Workers’ Day.

This year, Memur-Sen marked May Day in an open-air meeting area in Urfa. Thousands of people gathered on Monday to celebrate International Workers’ Day in Urfa. Banners carried by protestors read, “Justice”, “Labor”," Peace”, “Freedom”, “Solidarity”,” Equality” “Unity”.


At the rally, President Ali YALÇIN also delivered his speech. Indicating that capitalism and imperialism have dragged mankind into a deadlock, Ali Yalçın said, "War, captivity, exploitation, hunger and poverty are seen all around the world anymore. Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan; Egypt, Bangladesh, Arakan; Syria, Patani, Turkistan ... Deaths, tears and blood are parts of this corrupt system. To solve these problems, all the laborers of the world must come together and combine the forces against imperialism and capitalism on the basis of humanity, on the ground of justice.” He also stressed the importance of labor. He said that “The world is bigger than five and labour is above the capital.”


Yalçın ended his speech by saying “We need to increase rights and salary of our workers. As Memur-Sen we said that we are for the stability of the economy of our country. Now time is to restore the financial loss of workers.”


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