Our vice president Mithat Sevin participated to the panel organized by USPRS

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The panel titled “Problems Faced in Education” took placed in Vrnajcka Banja. The panel was organized by the Serbian Teachers Union (USPRS). On behalf of Educators’ Trade Union Mithat Sevin made a speech at the panel.

In his speech Sevin give some information about the Turkish education system. Sevin said “As in many field in education also many changes happened in Turkey during the last ten years. Today in Turkey compulsory education is 12 years. 4 years for primary school 4 years for secondary school and 4 years for high school. Students in Turkey have to pass an exam after the secondary school according to the exam result students who are successful can choose the high school where they want to study. Those who aren’t successful at the exam go to the nearest high school to their home.”


Sevin emphasized that after the high school Turkish students have to pass an exam to enter the university and he added “When students graduated from the university they can work in private sector or as public servant but those who wants to be public servant has to pass an exam for it.”


Sevin ended his speech by saying “In Turkey we have one year of preschool education but the preschool education in Turkey is not compulsory. As Educators’ Trade Union we are working to increase and to make compulsory the preschool education.”

At the end of his speech Sevin Thanked USPRS president Ms. Jasna Jankovic and all UPRS family for their hospitality.



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