Memur-Sen members gathered in front of the Grand National Assembly

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Memur-Sen confederation led a march to commemorate the 251 lives lost and nearly 2,200 injured on the night of 15th July 2016. The march started from the city center and ended in front of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Memur-Sen president Ali Yalçın condemned the putschists.

In the press conference Ali Yalçın said “The FETO terror group betrayed our nation. They worked as subcontractor to make a military coup. They failed thanks to our brave people.”

The betrayers attacked our people with tanks, weapons and fighter aircraft said Ali Yalçın and he added “The day when the coup attempt took place we as Memur-Sen took the streets. We lost some of our members and some of them were injured by putschists. We protected our nation against these betrayers.”

We will continue to fight against every anti-democratic practice said Ali Yalçın and he added “Our condolences and prayers are for the families of the martyrs and victims of this atrocious attack that happened on 15th of July. We swear that we will protect our nation at any cost.”




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