8th year as representative union

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According to statistical data published in the official journal Educators’ Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) is once more officially registered as the largest trade union of Turkey. Accordingly Educators’ Trade Union has 433.787 members.

Educators’ Trade Union works to increase the personal rights of employees. By believing in the power of being organized, Educators’ Trade Union defends and develops the rights of education employees. Beside the struggle for rights and freedom, Educators’ Trade Union is in intensive effort in order to introduce the education as a value in the culture and wisdom of the country. Educators’ Trade Union is the most preferred trade union and it is the representative of education employees because of struggling for benefits of its member, showing sensitivity to its members’ problems, and doing researches and reports for solving these problems.

In our 27 year struggle we all the time support those who were oppressed, we were and we will continue to be against every sort of cruelty. As Educators’ Trade Union we believe that a better world can be built and we are working to make the world a better place. Thanks to this attitude today most of education workers became member of our union. We win favour in people’s eyes.

We thank all our branch presidents, board of directors, district representatives, and our most vivid cell, workplace representatives, for their devotion and their hard working. Thanks to them because of helping to improve the quality and quantity of Educators’ Trade Union in this stage. And finally we promise that we will continue to work side by side with our friends to improve the quality of education.



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