14th National Meeting of Educators' Trade Union

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The 14th National Meeting of Educators’ Trade Union took place in Ankara.

The main themes of the meeting were the process of the 5th collective agreement, problems faced by teachers and problems in education and project that can be done in the future. Ali Yalçın said “As educators’ trade union we all the time struggle to increase the right of teachers. And all the rights that we got for teachers are in memories of everybody.”


Ali Yalçın said “Instead of complaining we found solutions to problem concerning education workers. As educators trade union we prepared reports on education’s problem and we did not only pointed out these problems but also found solutions to these problems. We supported the government in right things and we criticized them in wrong things. As educators’ trade union we did the things that we believed was right to do.”


In his speech Yalçın mentioned that they did their best during the 5th collective bargaining process in order to ameliorate the right of education workers. Yalçın said “Our offer was acceptable. We only want what our public officers deserve but the government did not accept our offer. At the end of the process we did not signed the agreement and the case went to the arbitration board. The board took an unfair decision and accepted the proposal of the government. This shows us that the board is sided. We prepared a manifesto to protest against the decision of the board. This is unfair and inacceptable. This injustice will never be forgotten.”

At the end of his speech Yalçın said “We once more saw that the collective agreement process is insufficient and the arbitration board is unfair.”


The 6th board of presidents of Women Committee and the 46th board of presidents of ETU took place within the 14th National Meeting of Educators’ Trade Union.


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