We Participated to the International Symposium Titled 'The Strategic Vision of Education in the Arab World'

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Memur-Sen vice president Mehmet Emin Esen participated to the symposium organized by the Arab Education Organization within the world teachers’ day. Representative from Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan and Palestine were present in the symposium hosted by the Democratic Education Union of Morocco. On behalf of Eğitim-Bir-Sen Mehmet Emin Esen made a speech on “The right of public services for refugees.”

Esen emphasized that immigration is an important topic which concern the entire world. Esen said “According to data of the United Nations (UN) if the immigration continues as the last twenty years in 2050 the number of migrants will be over 405 millions. Forced migration brings many difficulties and tragedy. According to the report of the UN in 2018 6 persons died every day while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea therefore, to say that 2.275 people died in only one year.”

Esen emphasized that turkey is the country which has been the most affected by immigration since the world war two and he added “The conflict that start in Syria in March 2011 induce to an humanitarian disaster. Thousands of people died during the civil war. Within this period Turkey did whatever it had to do. Turkey is hosting more than 4 million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and other countries.”

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, Turkey spend more than 31 billion dollar for refugees said Esen and he added “39 thousands and 373 trucks of materials went from Turkey to Syria to supply the need of Syrian people. As Eğitim-Bir-Sen we also organized aid campaign.”

Mehmet Emin Esen said “Migration is one of the most important events which affect negatively a country. As Turkey we opened our doors to our Syrian brothers.  But we know that the reason of migration is the wild capitalism and we also know that if we can’t stop the wild capitalism we can’t solve the problem of migration.”


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