We did a bilateral workshop with the Education Ministry Employees Union of Kuwait

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We did a bilateral workshop titled "The Privatization in Education and The Attitude of Unions: Examples of Turkey and Kuwait" with the Education Ministry Employees Union of Kuwait. Educators’ Trade Union president Mr. Ali Yalçın, general secretary Mr. Latif Selvi and vice presidents Mr. Ramazan Çakırcı, Şükrü Kolukısa and Atilla Olçum were present in the workshop. The president of the Education Employees Union of Kuwait Mr. Salih El-Azmi and the representative of the board Mr. Nasır Shashteri and Fahad el-Harbi were also present in the workshop.


Yalçın: The privatization in education is the matter at hand in many countries

Yalçın said that the privatization in education is an important topic discussed in many countries and he added “One of the most important duties of a state is to create an educated society. If you want to create an educated society you have to have good quality education institutions. A subject that we repeat frequently when we talk about increasing the performance of schools is the privatization.”

The percentage of private school in Turkey is about 3% said Yalçın and he added “We don’t see these private schools as a threat but as an opportunity to increase the quality of schools with rivalry. As Educators’ Trade Union we also work to increase the salary of education workers in private schools.”


Wherever they work all education workers should get their rights

Unfortunately in Turkey education workers in private sector can’t be member of public sector union said Yalçın and he added “Without taking care of the sector where the education workers profess they right should be equal.”

“We are in cooperation with more than a hundred trade unions from all over the world. We believe that this cooperation will strengthen the trade union movement. We as Educators’ Trade Union give a huge importance in experience share” said Yalçın.


El-Azmi: It’s very important to discuss on common problems faced in education

According to the 13th article of the constitution of Kuwait the education and health is under the guarantee of the state said el-Azmi and he added “The base of development is education. We as union we are against the privatization of education. We believe the education can be good quality only if the education is domestic and national. In Kuwait teachers who are working in private sector earn less salary then the public sector.”

Only 5 percent of the schools in Kuwait are private said el-Azmi and he added “After the middle school students don’t have the right to go to a private school if they studied in state school but any student who studied in private can change for a state school. El-Azmi emphasized that the National Ministry of Education of Kuwait doesn’t gather round for private schools and he said “Generally teachers in private sectors are not Kuwaiti they are from other Arabic countries and generally students in private schools aren’t Kuwaiti they are foreign children who are living in Kuwait.”

At the end of his speech el-Azmi thanked Educators’ Trade Union for their hospitality and said “We believe that the Educators’ Trade Union of Turkey is doing a great job by gathering trade unions from all over the world. Thanks to the Educators’ Trade Union we have the opportunity to discuss the problem faced by educators. Once again I thank Mr. Ali Yalçın and his team for this great job.”

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