Report on 'Violation of Border Crossing Rights of Refugees by Greece and the European Countries'

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Educators’ Trade Union President Ali Yalçın said “Turkey due to its geographical position is one of the centers of migration. After 2011, with the beginning of the civil war in Syria, Turkey started to host Syrian refugees. From that time till today Turkey did its share.”

Our confederation Memur-Sen prepared the report “Violation of Border Crossing Rights of Refugees by Greece and the European Countries” under the coordination of Dr. Murat Yılmaz, Dr. Nergis Dama and Dr. Arda Akçiçek.

The EU tries to ignore the matter of refugees

In his speech Ali Yalçın said “In Turkey the policy concerning refugees are human centered while in European Countries is the exact opposite. The EU kept silent toward the cruelties that happened in Syria. They tried to ignore the matter of refugees by restraining the refugee within the boundaries of Turkey. Now, Turkey took the decision to open borders to Syrian refugees but unfortunately the Greek armed forced use violence to the innocent refugees.”

Yılmaz: Memur-Sen did a great job

Dr. Murat Yılmaz thanked Memur-Sen for their great job and he said “Besides of struggling for the right of public officers Memur-Sen is also doing a great job with this kind of academic research. I once more want to thank Memur-Sen and all the people who worked hard to prepare this report.”


Dama: The EU should review its policies

Dr. Nergis Dama gave some brief information about the research she said “We did interviews with more than 90 people. Most of them were angry to the way of behavior of Greece and the EU toward refugees. In this context we can clearly see that the EU should review its policies.”





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