We did a teleconference with 38 unionists from 20 countries

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Eğitim-Bir-Sen president Ali Yalçın made a meeting with union representatives from all over the world. “The effects of Covid-19 on Working Life and Education” were discussed during the meeting. The representatives shared their country experiences.


Yalçın said “Once more we could see the importance of vocational high-school. In Turkey vocational high-school students are producing masks, sanitizer and respiratory equipments.”

We need to be united and work all together to fight against the covid-19 said Yalçın and he added “I have to say that in Turkey we work all together to fight this pandemic. Every state institution, nurses, doctors all the health service workers are doing their best”


“As it always has been, once more, as trade union we took responsibility and we donated 2 million Turkish Lira to campaigns that aim to fight covid-19 and to help people most affected by it.” Said Yalçın.


All the participants of the teleconference gave information about the situation in their country. They explained how the governments manage this problem and what they do as trade union to help teachers and students to overcome this pandemic.


At the end of the meeting Ali Yalçın thanked all the participants for their contribution to the meeting and he said that the third teleconference will be done with French speaking countries.


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