We did the third teleconference with French speaking countries

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Educators’ Trade Union president Ali Yalçın made a video conferencing meeting with the trade union representatives of African countries. The participant of the meeting discussed about “The Effects of Covid-19 on Working Life and Education.”


Appoline Fagla president of Benin Teachers Union, Abdou Faty secretary general of Senegal Teachers Union, Issoufou Arzika secretary general of Niger National Union of Teachers, Jean François Lida vice-president of Teachers Union of Ivory Coast, Moustapha Guitteye secretary general of Education and Culture Union of Mali, Ekoun Koassi secretary general of National Union of Teachers of Ivory Coast, Mahamoud Hachi Dirieh president of secondary School Teachers Union and Benoit Essiga key advisor of Cameroon Teachers Union participated to the teleconference.


I thank all of you to accept our invitation said Yalçın and he added “We did our first teleconference with Arabic speaking countries representatives, we did the second teleconference with English speaking countries and today I’m very happy to do this meeting with you.”

Ali Yalçın gave brief information about the activities done in Turkey against Covid-19. Yalçın said “As always one more time Memur-Sen confederation and its affiliated unions did their best to struggle against this pandemic. As Memur-Sen we donated more than 2 million Turkish liras to fight against Covid-19. In order to support PTT (Post, Telegraph and Telephone) workers we distributed masks to the people.”


The world is in a very critical period said Yalçın and he added “In this hard period in Turkey all the schools from kindergarten to universities have been closed but the education life didn’t stop, students are following their lesson via computers, television channels and different platform in which they can directly ask questions to their teachers.”

The problem of African countries is that all students do not have access to the internet, television and radio. The infrastructure is underdeveloped said Appoline Fagla. All the other participant agreed with Fagla and gave information about the problems faced in their countries.


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