We participated to the teleconference titled 'Difficulties Faced in Education Sector during Covid-19'

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Educators’ Trade Union president Ali Yalçın participated to the teleconference titled “Difficulties Faced in Education Sector during Covid-19” organized by Morocco National Union of Teachers (UNTM).

The teleconference was moderated by Halid Essatte assistant secretary general of UNTM. The president of the Arab Teachers Union Jamal Housami, the secretary general of UNTM Abdelillah Dahmane, the president of Education Workers of Algeria Sadek Dziri, the secretary general of Tunisian Education Workers Mohammed Lassad Abid and the representative of Palestinian Workers Confederation Halid Mohammed el Mezyen made a speech in the teleconference.

We have to struggle to prevent workers to suffer damage

“As trade union we are working to prevent workers to suffer damage” said Yalçın and he added “As workers organizations we have to work from now for the after coronavirus time. In this hard period we experienced many things and we could see that by using new technologies we can come together with our local representative all over the country. The teleconference is also a good tool which provides facilities to teachers to teach their lessons. Thus a link can be created between teachers and students. In this context governments should provide internet access and electronic devices needed to all students. We need to make more meetings and come together to discuss about what can be done during and after the pandemic time.”


Dahmane thanked Ali Yalçın for his contribution

The secretary general of UNTM Dahmane thanked Ali Yalçın for his speech and he said “During this rocky road we faced many difficulties. Even if today in many country the access to internet is very common in Arabic countries the internet usage is underdeveloped. Unfortunately not all of our students have internet access. As a result we faced new difficulties in this hard period.”


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