Cooperation agreement with five education unions

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Memur-Sen signed cooperation agreement with 59 different confederation in  “Trade Unionism in Islamic World” which  jointly conducted by Memur-Sen and SESRIC in addition  Eğitim-Bir-Sen signed with five  different education trade union.

With this competition agreements President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen Ali YALÇIN and other presidents of trade unions agreed to share their own experiences and knowledge.

Bilateral Relations will become stronger

According to cooperation agreements, unions will send committees to get information about activities about unionism and to share experiences.The Confederations will become active

to establish link between citizens and goverments.They will also publish newspapers,journals and brochures.They will give seminars about their experience on unionism and conduct meeting about their activities.

Our Union’s Network expanding

At the end of symposium,President of Memur-Sen and Eğitim-Bir-Sen Ali Yalçın,Deputy of General President Ramazan Çakırcı,Atilla Olçum,Şükrü Kolukısa and Hasan Yalçın Yayla signed cooperation agreements with President of Kyrhyztan Teachers Trade Asylbek Toktogolov,President of Teachers Union Of Mawai Chauluka Muwake,President of Basic Education Trade Union Of Zambia Jeffrey Simuntala,President of Kuwait Teachers Society Mohammad A. Alfadh and President of Tunus Secondary Educaitons Union Lasaad Abid.




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