"All Together For Al-Quds" program started in Istanbul

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President of Egitim-Bir-sen Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın who gave a speech in "All Together For Al-Quds" program which was started in Istanbul, said "Israel is going on to further strengthen zionist colonization learned from imperialists, continues to expand brazen invasion with the support they received. For them, often voiced in recent years 'two-state solution' proposal is just a delaying tactic. Israel's 'settlers' tactic is part of a conscious occupation strategy. Ambivalent attitude of the international forces causes comfortably implementation of this strategy".

"All Together for Al-Quds" program which was organized by Memur-Sen, Hak-İş and International Jerusalem and Palestine Trade Union Support Union was held in Istanbul CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel.

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş, President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın, President of Hak-İş Mahmut Arslan, President of Jerusalem and Palestine Support Platform Muneer Said and President of Anatolian Platform Turgay Aldemir and national and international hundreds of civil society representatives attended.

President Yalçın who gave a speech at the opening of program continued to his speech by reading the stirngs the Palestinian poet Abu Salma "Between the shadows of aspirations, we also have our place in the grave of finding odd, that's for sure. Don't fatigue my heart, don't collapse in the return path. We'll come back, again". 


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