Minister Müezzinoğlu: I am thanking to Memur-Sen for their Lead

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Labour and Social Security Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu attended to the International Symposium on "Trade Unionism in the Islamic World" held in Istanbul under the heading of Memur-Sen and SESRIC. Minister Mezzinoğlu said, "I thank to the Memur-Sen for their leadership in this field."

Minister of Labor and Social Security Mehmet Müezzinoğlu who spoke in the program said, "I am pleased to be with you at this symposium today hosted by the leading NGOs of our country Memur-Sen and SESRIC affiliated to the Islamic Cooperation Organization. I would like to thank both organizations separately for bringing us together in an environment of consultation with representatives from different colours of Islamic world, in this period where the Islamic world needs the most common mind, common desire and common goal".

Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu who said "If we want to clarify the aims of trade unions in a single word, this word will be 'justice'" continued as "The whole world agrees that the cause of the unions is to improve the working conditions of the workers, to prevent their exploitation and to provide a good life. The most important goal of the trade unions justice is the most important goal of this Islam. Because our religion which aspires to establish justice in every area and aspires to take care of the needy, not only consist of worship and prayer but also has its own social, economic and political rules and principles that are shaped its own economic and social life”.



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