Foreign students who studying in Turkey visited our trade union Eğitim-Bir-Sen

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Deputy President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen Ramazan Çakırcı said “For the sake of world justice and peace, we must raise our voices against imperialist forces and we must say we are here.For this reason, we need young population to give importance to consultation,protect the rights of others, and stand against injustice.”

We mustbe on alert against external threats and their co-conspirators. The safety of society is assured with people who protect the rights of others and stand aganist injustice and form a state of freedom security and justice.We must put human rights and justice in the center of our lives.”

As a result of the project of the Academy of Public Diplomacy, foreign students who study in Turkey visited our trade union Eğitim-Bir-Sen with Young Memur-Sen.Ramazan Çakırcı gave a speech about the Turkish Education system and non-governmental organizations.

Foreign students are cultural ambassadors

Students who have graduated from our universities will be cultural ambassadors when they return to their countries. These students and their positive opinions and feelings of our country will grant great sympathy towards us. We can use cultural and educational services, an important element of public diplomacy, as a soft power. With our culture and ties of affection, vitality is still maintained through these common ties. Societies are fused with cultures, knowledge and  interest. A relationship of this nature and quality provides deep, rooted, sincere and multidimensional convergence far beyond its short-term benefits.This relationship is very important for the future.





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