We should increase our organization in universities

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Ali Yalçın made a speech in the 9th meeting of Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s university organizations. In his speech he touched on topics concerning the agenda. Yalçın said “In order to solve problems of public servants we have to be organized and to enlarge our organization.” Yalçın added “If today anyone can go to pray without facing a problem, if every students without facing injustices can be graduated from universities and if girls can wear headscarf in universities everyone should know that to get these rights after our efforts. It was not an easy job, so the society has a debt of gratitude toward people who are in this room.”


We contribute for the development of universities and solving their problems.

Yalçın said “Our understanding of trade unionism does not cover only social and financial rights. It’s also our duty to find solution about problems. It is easy to point out problems but, as Eğitim-Bir-Sen, we point out problems and evaluate the matter and find solution to solve it.”


As country we are under our capacity to produce technology.

Yalçın said “Universities are places where people are formed. Universities should be innovator otherwise as country you will be backward and next generation risk to be circled by a destructive force.”


The fourth collective agreement period is successful for all servants.

Yalçın evoke the offer of 3% + 3% made by the government and he added “Fırstly the government offer was 3%+3% for 2018 and 3%+3% for 2019 but at the end of the negotiations we get 4%+3, 5% for 2018 and 4%+5% for 2019. We can easily say that his collective agreement is a success.”


We should strengthen the “Society of Academicals Thinking, Education and Civilization” (ADEM)

ADEM is a society where young people will be formed in different fields like economy, education, foreign policy and etc. ADEM is organized in 52 universities out of 119. We need to be organized in all of our universities in order to raise qualified individuals.


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