For a better future we have to solve our problems all together

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Yalçın made a speech in the 12th Meeting for our organizations in all over Turkey. In his speech Yalçın emphasized that while they were working to reach prosperity they do not forget oppressed people. Yalçın said “The difference between Eğitim-Bir-Sen and other trade union is that Eğitim-Bir-Sen is working with people for people. Our understanding of trade unionism is based on the facts of life. When we were bargaining to increase the salary of our workers in the same time we were struggling against the cruelty that people face in Palestine, Arakan and Egypt.”

We contributed to every good job done for our country.

Yalçın said “It wasn’t easy to reach these days” he emphasized that they work hard to get many achievement and faced many difficulties and he added “Everyone can be sure that we contributed and we are still contributing to improve our prosperity.”

Our reports empower our difference.

Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s qualified studies guide the government said Yalçın and he added “In our Council of Higher Education reports concerning rector’s elections, we indicate that this election was a great expense. As a result our determination has been accepted and they abrogated this election. In our report we mentioned different problems and we found a solution for each problem. I hope they will put into practice our solutions.”


Our cooperation network is increasing day by day

We start over from scratch and created link with different trade union from all over the world. Our hard work showed its result; more than a hundred trade unionists participated to our 25th anniversary. Our international relations are increasing. Today, among us, there are 20 young trade unionists from 20 different countries. They are here for the “International Education Trade Unionism Certificate Program.”


We continue to be pioneer and example.

Ali YALÇIN put an end to his speech by these words “For our members, for the humanity we will continue to work, to be organized and to increase our organization. We will continue to be pioneer and to be an example.”




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