Olçum participated at the congress of Independent Educator Trade Union of Romania

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Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s Vice-president Atilla OLÇUM, participated at the 8th congress of Independent Educator Trade Union of Romania.

General President of ETUCE Christian Blower, ETUCE European director Susan Flocken, Sırbian Teachers’ Trade Union General President Valentina Iliç, Trade Union of Bulgarian Teachers General President Yanka Takeva, Moldavian Education Trade Union General President Dumitru Ivanov, French Union Committee on Education and Training General President Jean-Hervé Cohen, The Senior Advisor of the Norwegian Education Trade Union Gunnvor Sen and 16 representatives from 16 countries was present at the congress.

At the opening speech FSLI General President Mr. Simion Hancescu touched on problems faced in education and emphasized the importance of social dialogue in order to solve these problems.

The Minister of National Education of Romania Liviu-Marian Pop emphasized that to solve problem faced in education can be solved by bilateral agreement.  Pop said “as an ancient unionist I’m aware about problems that you face and I can easily say that the main solution is that the parties agree on solutions.”

We attach importance to common struggle.

Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s Vice-president Olçum, congratulated the general president of FSLI and indicated that FSLI is a trade union which tries to find solutions to problems.

Olçum said “Even if our colors, languages and cultures are different, our struggle is the same and unique. With this awareness we take part in every international organization and common struggle. In this regard, as the biggest labor organization of Turkey, we give importance to cooperate with Romanian education workers. Hereby I wish this congress bring happiness to Romanian education workers.”

Olçum congratulated the new members of the executive board and the General Secretary Mr.Hancescu who was reelected at the end of the congress.

Olçum wished success to the new executive board, and he emphasized that the international solidarity between labor organizations will be in favor of workers.

Mr. Gazi DOĞAN, coordinator of the international relationship department, kept company to Mr. Olçum during the congress.                                       



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