We published the report "Education of Syrian children in Turkey: Difficulties and Sugestions"

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Ali Yalçın made a statement on the report during the press conference which took place in Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s headquarters.

Yalçın reminded that more than 13 million people had to leave their home and 5,5 million among them immigrate to neighboring countries. Yalçın said “During this period Turkey has became a refuge for Syrian. As a result today more than 3,2 million Syrians are living in Turkey and the number of Syrian living in Turkey is increasing day by day. To give an example, when they started to write this report in March there was 3 million Syrians in Turkey while today there is 3,2 million Syrians living in here. One million of Syrian refugees are school-age children. And more important in these last six years many children has became adult here in Turkey and according to our research a hundred thousand of children would be adult in Turkey before the end of the war. ”


The lack of education harbor many risks.

Yalçın said “The point about Syrian children who became adult in Turkey is that they need to be formed, because without being well formed and qualified, young people have to work in hard jobs with a very low salary. And this will make young people desperate. In order to be full of hope, Syrians should have quality education so they can start a new life.”


553.000 of Syrians children have education.

Yalçın reminded that Turkey has started to work in 2014 for providing education to Syrian children. Yalçın said “Turkey established a system thanks to which we could see the education situation of Syrian children. Syrian children can have education in public schools or in education centers. According to the last report published by the Ministry of National Education 553.000 children have education in Turkey. Also I have to say that Korea and Taiwan supported the construction of schools for Syrian children. European countries promised to pay 3 billion Euros for Syrian refugees but they have only paid 300 millions. We should start to construct schools for Syrian children.  

 We published the report "Education of Syrian children in Turkey: Difficulties and Sugestions”

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