We declared to the public our report on "Competence on Education Management and Career System"

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General President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen Mr. Ali YALÇIN indicated that for a qualified education, distinguished manager is needed. Yalçın added “In order to provide a quality education, those who merit to be manager should be manager, those who are doing their job as manager correctly should continue, and those who aren’t able anymore to do their job correctly should be discharged from their duty.”


We don’t have any policy to train education manager.

Yalçın emphasized that we are all waiting from teachers to teach 21st century abilities to students. Naturally people’s expectations are increasing toward Education Managers. Yalçın said “The term Education Manager is not used as much as it was in the past, in these days the term Education Leaders is more used. This shows us the importance and the expectation toward Education Leaders. Therefore we should form a model thanks to which we can choose the right person for the right duty.”

Yalçın added “Today in Turkey we can’t talk about a system which train Education Leader. This is one of the weakest point of our education system.”

Administrators of education establishment should be under assurance.

Yalçın indicated that they gather four main problems faced in the field of education management. Yalçın said “The law which regulates our Education system concerning education management should be changed, and education leaders shouldn’t be considered as teacher but they should obtain a status out of teacher. This mentality is dominant in almost all public institution in Turkey. In our country a teacher can be administrator without being adequate to be a manager.  Consequently a good teacher can become an inadequate manager. Only those who merit being manager should be manager, and the job of management should become attractive.”

A fair and objective system of managers’ election should be settled.

Ali Yalçın put an end to his speech with these words “The Ministry of Education should choose the most appropriate person for management. An education leader must know the education system, how to manage education, and must know education policy.”   



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